Here are some ideas of work to do in order to help BRKNEWS and the online Berkshire Hathaway Community. You are invited to post the results of your work in a message on the TMF BRK Board and/or the Yahoo BRK Board before sharing it with BRKNEWS. ;-) You are also encouraged to share your own ideas by sending me an email (). Thank you in advance. ;-)

List not ranked by order of importance.

1) Post your best links from TMF, Yahoo and AOL summaries in BRKNEWS

Rules: Only links posted. Generally, follow the BRKNEWS Faq guidelines (see ) Posts sent to BRKNEWS once or twice a week (more often if you can, but only in your humble opinion worthwhile reading posts). The more we are the better we can share the work. ;-)

2) Share your notes from the old Berkshire Hathaway and Wesco Annual Meetings.

The idea is to typewrite your own notes taken during meetings not already well covered online (have a look here to see what is available). Be careful : I don't want any OID transcript, but your own notes! If you have some old Notes but don't want to typewrite them, I think some BRKNEWS Members will be able to do it for you (please volonteers send me an email).

3) Do you have a transcript (Notes) or an audio/video tape of old Berkshire Hathaway Press Conferences (usually the next day after the annual meetings)?

4) Create a list of all main journals appearances (Washington Post, NYT, Forbes, Fortune...) of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger

Please detail : name of the magazine, related pages and date. Thank you. ;-)

5) Create a list of all conferences & symposiums dedicated to Berkshire Hathaway

6) Create a list of all TV appearances of Warren Buffett.

7) Help to locate any "Wheeler, Munger" Investment Partnership letters (from 1962 to 1975).

These letters must exist somewhere! But obiously nobody seems to be willing sharing them! ;-(

8) Only for non-english visitors or authors of book(s) listed in this website, or international Members:

In how many languages (other than english) your book(s) has been translated? Please send me an email by giving all the different languages with links in order to guide non-english visitors to buy your book in their languages.