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"I'd advise you to subscribe. I read each issue religiously. Anyone interested in investing who doesn't subscribe is making a big mistake." - WARREN BUFFETT


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June 7, 2017 update: CAUTION ! OID seems to be not responding ! See http://www.cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca/forum/general-discussion/outstanding-investor-digest/msg301119/#msg301119 and http://boards.fool.com/oid-outstanding-investor-digest-29969464.aspx?sort=whole

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OID Mission : http://www.oid.com/public/html/oidmission.html


My opinion : OID gives you really sound basis for your own investment reflexion. In my humble opinion, OID is a great material for helping you think about important financial facts.


Some questions and answers (Q&A) :

Q1 : "I advise you to subscribe to OID". Ok but did you see its price ($ 295 see A4)?

A1 : Ok don't worry ! With OID, you will receive far much value than the price you'll pay ! Just compare the annual fees you pay to your financial advisor for "bad" ideas ! Futhermore they print an OID issue only if they have something which is worth reading ! For instance in the 07/00 issue of OID there was an article of Jeremy Grantham which only for me worthed the price of 10 OID issues ! Why ? Because if it prevails me to make an expensive error with my portfolio, the payback price of OID is refunded rapidly !


Q2 : Ok. But, sometimes I can find part of OID articles on the web for free (e.g. : here)!

A2 : Yes. But again, for this example, in the 07/00 OID issue , the links of the "Longleaf Partner Funds" found on the web for free (only the audio annual meeting, not the transcript!) is just a little value part (page 3 to 18) of the whole OID article (page 3 to 36). IMHO, the OID special interview (page 18 to 36) was a really value added article. In fact, it gave me far more value than the annual meeting only. Note: It is just my humble opinion ! ;-)


Q3 : I am still not conviced ?

A3 : Why don't you read some free excerpts from OID ? Just go here ! You can also have a look at a coverpage here


Q4 : Ok I believe you. But where can I subscribe ?

A4 : Just go HERE. I advise you to choose the "Automatic Credit Card Renewal Program". It costs you $ 295 for receiving :

[10 OID issues of 32 pages] + [OID online full access : audio files, some full past issues,...] + [200 free pages of the past issues] + [possibility to cancel before 60 days (in this case you keep the 200 free pages for you :-) ) or whenever you want ! ]

When you will print your order form (http://www.oid.com/public/html/oidPrintOut.html) don't forget to add my name, "Bd Eric", to this question : "How did you hear about Outstanding Investor Digest ?" or this one "How did you find out about our website?".

IMPORTANT : When you have subscribed to OID, please send me an email () by including your real name. If you don't do that, I won't know exactly who you are, for, at least, thanking you !


Q5 : Why do you advise to add your name in the OID form ?

A5 : If you give my name when you subscribe I will receive 4 issues for free :-)


Thank you very much in advance,

Faithfully yours,


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