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Warren Buffett is, in my humble opinion, the investor who best succeeded in applying the concepts of Benjamin Graham and Philip Fisher. He became one of the world's richest persons simply by investing.

What will surprise you will be the simplicity of this man, both his investment views and his way of living. His investment philosophy will seem to be easy, but, ... it is not simplistic! I hope that the long hours of reading spent to discover him will be rewarding, as much from an intellectual point of view as from ... a financial one.

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1) The Official website of Berkshire Hathaway (

"The annual reports of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK)" : from 1977 until present. They are available for free  ( ".pdf" or ".html" format) here.

My comment is a quote of an anonymous investor : "Each investor should take the time to read these reports. You will often find all the contrary of what you have learnt in Business School, but you will really understand how to make good investments." These iconoclastic reports were written by Warren Buffett and represent a genuine "bible" of investment ! I also often read in some online boards, the following quote: "You don't have to look anywhere else, it is all here". Note: I highly recommend the reading of, at least, the last report.

"A three volume set of compilations of letters (1977 through 2000) is available upon written request accompanied by a payment of $35.00 to cover production, postage and handling costs. Requests should be submitted to the Company at 3555 Farnam St., Suite 1440, Omaha, NE 68131." from the 2000 Berkshire Hathaway Annual report (see the last page). Moreover the following documents are included in this three volume set of compilations (These documents are not available in the website of Berkshire Hathaway) : "Blue Chip Annual Letter - 1981 and 1982"; "Letter of November 26, 1980 explaining Illinois National Bank Divestiture"; "Letter of June 30, 1983 explaining Blue Chip Merger"; "Chairman's Letter of August 5, 1988 regarding NYSE Listing"; "Annual Report Letter WESCO Financial Corporation - 1989 and 1990"; "Mutual Saving's Letter of Resignation from U.S. League of Savings Institutions".



2) The best Unofficial websites about Warren Buffett

WHITNEY TILSON'S WEBSITE "Speeches and Writings by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger" Many thanks to Whitney Tilson for his great contributions to the BRK Community over the years. See his website for more informations:

WARREN BUFFETT CENTER : maintained by Jay and the community.

BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INTRINSIVALUATOR A great tool maintained by John Kish. It allows the user to make estimations of Intrinsic Value for Berkshire Hathaway using different methods.

BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY section of Losch Management Company Website maintained by Richard Losch.

FOCUS INVESTOR : Website maintained by Rich Rockwood (Note: you may also be interested in Rich's previous website Common sense investing).

GANNON ON INVESTING : A great Value Investing Website maintained by Geoffrey H. Gannon.

WARREN BUFFETT WATCH : A great Blog maintained by CNBC.

BUFFETT FAQ : A great FAQ maintained by Nick Webb.



3) Other interesting value investing sites


SHAI DARDASHTI on GRAHAMIAN VALUE (or A great Value Investing Blog maintained by Shai Dardashti (alas not anymore updated). (Financial Sense Online Resource Page :  Warren Buffett) ( Intrinsic value calculations, based on John Burr Williams' methods, which is Warren Buffett's base method.) and here (A lot of books related to Value investment) (German Value Investing website)



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