WARREN BUFFETT - Articles and Speeches


1) A few good articles by Warren Buffett [ Highly recommended !] (Fortune access might be needed)

(11/22/1999) "Mr. Buffett on the Stock Market" (graphics not included alas)

(12/06/2001) "Warren Buffett On The Stock Market"

(17/03/2003) "Warren Buffett: What Worries Me"

(11/10/2003) "America’s Growing Trade Deficit Is Selling the Nation Out From Under Us. Here’s a Way to Fix the Problem—And We Need to Do It Now."


2) Audio interviews with Warren Buffett [ Highly recommended !]

Audio speeches and transcripts of the SEC's Roundtable Discussion on Financial Disclosure and Auditor Oversight - Monday, March 4, 2002 - here

"Warren Buffett: Companies Should Follow Coca-Cola on Stock Options" (July, 15 2002) Direct audio link here (12 minutes)

I also recommend you to listen to the Sunday Press Conferences (see links here)


3) Transcripts of speeches by Warren Buffett during his visit at some U.S. Universities

"Buffett speaks at Columbia" - Notes by BigPimpyGuy. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. [ Highly recommended !]

Transcript of Warren Buffett's visit at Midland Lutheran College in February 2000 : here

Transcript of Warren Buffett's visit at Wharton School in April 1999: Word Format (24 ko) Document here


4) You can also find thousands of links in BRKNEWS

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