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Note: Berkshire Hathaway stock tickers are BRK. A and BRK.B. For practical purposes BRK is simply used over the discussion boards.

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TMF BRK Board : Berkshire Hathaway board from THE MOTLEY FOOL ( (Since July 2007, the access to this board is free for everyone! ;) ) :

 In my opinion, this is one of the best place to discuss Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett!

I highly advise you to visit these 3 links : a) 101 Reasons to Own BRK ; b) Berkshire Hathaway Frequently Asked Questions and also here ; c) Berkshire and Tech Investing FAQ

To keep in mind :

Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax Board (Formerly THE MSN BRK Board) :

Interesting BRK board created from Canada by Sanjeev Parsad (All english speakers welcomed. free registration required).

(Thanks to Jon, here is a search engine for the old msn board : and the last 100 messages were posted in one place : )

THE CHUCK ANGELS (Ben's Angels) Board :

(free registration required) Interesting BRK board created by previous posters of the Yahoo BRK Board (see herefater). I advise you to read, for instance, comments by "iluvbabyb" (aka "Babyb") and "veryearly1".


 In my humble opinion this board is getting alas more and more useless. Anyway try to look for stories by "Reinsurance101" and "russ_21401".


Previously this board was available only to AOL users. Now it is open for free to everyone. ;-) You just need to register for free if you want to post messages.

The previous link for AOL users only was : aol://5863:126/mB:69353   (if it doesn't work when you click on the last link, copy it in the blank line inside your AOL program and hit "Enter". Another way to find it is to look for a the AOL Finance page , then try to locate the Berkshire Hathaway stock price quote, then you should be able to locate the BRK Board. Note: As I am not anymore using AOL, I cannot tell you how this board is doing). This is the board where you can find the members of the Yellow BRK Club: , and here (see#4) . ;-)


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